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April 6, 2022
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General Description

The plot is on flat land. The plot is surrounded by mixed type properties includes colleges, Institutions, Commercial and residential properties. The plot comprises of Main building, seven (7) Rental houses with top mezzanine, one cottage house, Staff & water tank house, workshop & laundry, Generator shed, Security/ Inverter house, Coffee house, Toilet and kitchen near coffee house, Transformer/Luku house near coffee house, 7 Nos. Rental houses storeroom and car parking sheds. 

The pace of development on the neighbourhood is very high as the property is near the main road that is easily accessed.


The property is fenced with electric fence throughout the property covering an estimated length of 669 meters surrounded with hedge fence. Entrance is via Three main gates at the front of the building, at side (Rental houses gate) and at coffee shed gate. Driveways and footpaths within the compound are surfaced with concrete slabs and gravels road respectively. The compound has a kept well lawns and gardens, flowerpots/beds and mature shade trees, Coffee trees at 100% growth and Timber trees.